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                                                       DOG BITES

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans are injured in dog attacks. Dozens result in death. While dogs may be known as "Man's Best Friend", they can also be your worst nightmare. Often, dogs become dangerous because of their environmental conditions. This includes their breeding, the way their owners treat them, and they way they are housed. Just like humans, dogs can become aggressive and dangerous when they are subjected to cruel conditions. When an individual treats an animal cruelly, they should be held liable for the harm that animal goes on to cause. Our law firm is highly experienced in representing individuals who have been injured due to a dog bite.

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How We Maximize Your Dog Bite Settlement?

As described below, there are a number of laws which hold owners and possessors of dogs and animals liable when a dog bite occurs. However, showing that the dog owner has to pay is only half the battle. The bigger focus is on how much money must be paid to equal the amount of harm caused.

The Office of Daniel Capodilupo law firm routinely handles dog bite cases and we know how to maximize the value of these cases. Over the years, we have developed a protocol that maximizes the value of these cases. This protocol includes:

 - Obtaining the police report;

- Obtaining the animal control bite report;

- Speaking with neighbors to discover if anyone else has been previously bitten;

- Using a subpoena to obtain all prior complaints to the police department or animal control department regarding the dog;

- Using a subpoena to obtain the animals veterinarian records;

- Deposing the dog's owners (and previous owners) to discover the animals history

Once we have have uncovered evidence regarding a violent past, we can begin to build the case for punitive damages.

Beyond the dog's history, we also make sure we are fully aware of all future medical treatment that may be needed for our clients. Often, this involves sending our client to a doctor for an estimate of additional medical treatment that may be necessary. Future treatments often include scar revision surgery, nerve reconstruction, skin graphs, etc. Moreover, animal attacks can often be a traumatic event that also necessitate psychiatric counseling, especially for young children. Thus, while the actual medical bills already incurred may only be hundreds of dollars, the full amount of medical bills yet to come may rise well into the tens of thousands. In order to settle your case for the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time, we find the medical experts who can attest as to what type of medical treatment will be needed in the future.

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